riplikvSomething, as a custom, a lifestyle, a value commonly in the past, or something that represents it reflects something else, as a present day custom, lifestyle or value.nagariplikvSomething, as a present-day custom, lifestyle, a value, is reflected in something else, as an earlier custom, lifestyle or value or something that it represents.'Ina' paghinigugma' 'ānay nang nga manga kanta, hay nagariplik sa nyan nga manga tyimpu.As for those true love songs, [they] reflect [the lifestyle] at this present time.Kung 'anu man 'ang batāsan nang tāwu, hay naririplik 'ina' sa 'inda nababati'an.Whatever the character of a person [is], that is really reflected in what has clearly been heard by them.

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