tābanvSomething is held in the mouth, carried or carried away in the mouth by an animal or in the beak by a bird.tabānun'Ang niyug ginapakaya' sa sīlak kag kurayun ning pūkut palībut pāra 'indi' tabānun nang 'āyam 'ang nagakaya' nga niyug.The [half] coconuts are placed face up in the sunlight and are fenced around with a net so that the coconuts lying face up will not be carried away in the mouth by dogs.tinabanPagtamwa' nang 'inda 'ūyu hay 'igwa na ning tinaban nga 'isa ka bilug nga lambīyung.When their heads (i.e., of tayataya birds) come out [of the water] there is one lambiyung anchovy fish held in the beak.

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