basa'1adjSomeone or something is wet.Naka'abut 'akuy bayay nga basa' 'ang 'ākun lāwas kag bāru'.I was able to reach our house [and] my body and dress were wet.ginabasa'Mahuman ning tāku nga kawāyan kag 'ang 'inda bāla hay 'inang ginabasa' nga papil.[You] should make a bamboo ramrod and, as for their shots, [it] should be paper which is wet.kabasa'bāsa'1int adjSomeone or something is very wet.Mabakay 'aku ning bāru' nang 'īmu 'unga'; kalulū'uy siya kay kabasa'bāsa'.I will buy your son's clothes; he is very pitiful because he is very wet.2vSomeone or something becomes wet with a liquid.Kung midyu madāyum 'ang pagluta' nang 'isda', ginabūsu 'ina' ninda; basa' gid 'ang 'inda lāwas.When the swimming of fish in a school is moderately deep [the fish] are dived for by them (i.e., by tayataya birds; so) their bodies become wet.mabasa'vSomeone or something is wet by someone else.Patuwarun 'ang butilya hasta mabasa' 'ang papil ning pitrulyu.The bottle should be turned upside down until the paper will become wet with kerosene.nagkabāsa''Ang 'iban nga manga nu'ug, nagkabāsa' na; hay bāsi' kung taliki'un.As for some of the cloth, [it] already happened to become wet, [and it] might become mildewed.

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