'āmunposs adj pronour (excl.) person or thing; a person or thing of ours (excl.); our (excl.) doing something.Pre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see nāmun 1a.Nagabu'uy kami nang 'āmun nu'ug sa 'isa nāmun nga kabinit; 'ang pinakapartisyun 'adtu nāmun sa suyud.We were getting our clothes from our other cabinet; that was our divider inside.Nang 'umasāwa na kami, hay tatlu pa lang ka 'adlaw hay naghambay siya nga 'indi' siya gustu na magtinir didtu sa 'āmun bayay.When we married, after only three days she said that she did not want to stay there in our house.Waya' da kamu nakakadtu sa 'āmun.You (pl.) have not yet been able to come to our [house].Dira' na nagtūna' 'ang 'āmun pagpangabuhi' ning ma'āyu.Our living together well already began there.cfnāmun nāmun Through elipsis, the word bayay is commonly omitted from the phrase sa 'āmun bayay 'in' or 'to our house'.poss cmt pronSomeone or something is ours (excl.).The ligature ning may join pronoun and noun.'Ang 'āmun ning kasugtānan hay kwatru syintus pīsus 'ang bāyad.Our agreement is that four hundred pesos is the payment.cfnāmun gen pronSomething done by us (excl.).Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.Sayud nina Pidru na 'inang barūtu hay bukun 'āmun.Pedro and the others know that that boat is not ours (excl.).gen pronOccurs in pre-verb position as a genitive pronoun.'Ang 'āmun ginagāmit hay 'ang limpyu nga bāru'.The things used by us are clean clothes.'Ang ma'is nga 'āmun ginatanum imaw 'ang nagmantinir hasta magpandagku' na 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.The corn which had been planted by us is that which sustained [us] until all my children became grown up.cfnāmun sa 'āmun1qfd pronsome of us (excl.)2loc pronSomeone does something for us (excl.), from us (excl.), to us (excl.); someone does something or is in a particular place or state with us (excl.).Kung pwīdi 'ābi hay magku'upirar na lang kamu sa 'āmun.Please, if possible, you should cooperate with us.

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