pītuna whistle, used by a policeman or as a toyvSomeone blows a whistle or whistles through the fingers.gingpitūhan'Ang pulis hay gingpitūhan 'ang manga tāwu kay waya' sinda nagapāti.As for the policeman, the people are whistled at with a whistle [by him] because they will not follow [his instructions].Kung ginatawag ni Lusyu 'ang 'iya manga 'unga' sa malayu' hay ginapitūhan niya.When the children of Lucio are called by him from a distance they are whistled at by him through the fingers.Whistling through the fingers involves blowing through two fingers put between the lips. It is usually done to get the attention of someone whistled at.nagapītuvSomeone is whistled at by someone else with a whistle or through the fingers.'Ang līdir sa 'āmin grūpu 'imaw 'ang nagapītu.The leader of our group is the one who blows a whistle.

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