-in-an1varni-anlocf affsufA person, place or thing was the location of an action performed by someone.Commonly this affix occurs on stems beginning with paN- or variant paN-. This latter affix marks the form as a verb; e.g., pangāku' + -in-an = pinangakū'an.Si Minda hay binayā'an na ni Birtu kay nabu'uy na 'ang 'iya pagkababāyi.As for Minda, [she] was already left behind by Berto because her feminine purity was already taken [by him].Kinupkupan si Birtu nang 'iya nanay; dūgay gid siya kupkup.Berto was embraced by his mother; he was embraced for a long time.Nagahitsūra sinda ning 'ati'āti kay 'ina' hay 'imaw 'ina' 'ang 'inda pinangakū'an nga dibusyun.They look like made-up Negrito-like people because as for them that is the devotion that was promised by them [to the Holy Infant].syngiN-an cf- an gina-an na-anrecip agf affsufMarks a gerund, infinitive or verb for reciprocal action or state; two or more do something to or with each other.var-an2Stem kita' with agent focus verb prefix nag-.Kalīpay na kami 'ina' niyan sa bayay kay nagkinita'an na naman kami.We were happy then at home because we had found each other again.recip agf affsufStem higda' with agent focus verb prefix nag- and an extensive verb prefix paN-2.Pag'abut nāmun didtu sa Kabulūtan, nagpanghigdā'an kami ning 'isa ka gab'i.Upon arriving there at Kabulutan we slept away from home one night.recip agf affsufStem singgit' with agent focus verb prefix naga-.'Indi' pagpakalīngun nang nubya sa pagbutang sa butāngan nang pāri' pāra 'indi' kunu sinda pirmi mag'ināway nga nagasininggītan kag nagalinīngaw.[The ring and money] should not be allowed by the fiancée to jingle in putting [them] into the place where [they] will be put by the priest so that, they say, they will not always be quarreling in which [they] shout at each other and always make noise.recip agf affsufStem būlig with infinitive prefix mag-.Sinda hay nakatu'ip nga magbinuligan kung sin'u 'ang nagakahinangyan ning būlig.As for them, they learned to help each other, whoever needed help.recip agf affsufStem 'irgu with gerund prefix pag-.Birta luwas 'ānay dira'; 'igwa kitay manga bisīta; kahinangyānun ka diri sa pag'inirgūhan nāmun.Bertha, please come outside; we have visitors; you are needed here in our discussing with each other.recip agf affsufOther reciprocal forms: binuyagan (stem buyag) separate from each other; hinangitan (stem hangit) become angry with each other; hinarū'an (stem haru') kiss each other; kinupkūpan (stem kupkup) embrace each other; tinumbūyan (stem tumbuy) reprove each other.syn-an3

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