'istudyuvSomeone studies a particular lesson at school.cf'iskwīla 'istādi'istudyantimapa'iskwīlapag'istādigina'istudyuTanantanan hay 'ākun gid gina'istudyu na pāra 'indi' 'aku mapahuya'.All [my lessons] were carefully studied by me so that I would not be embarrassed [in class].nag'istudyuYa' gid sa 'ākun bu'ut nag'istudyu gid 'aku.I paid no attention [to athletics]; I really studied.naga'istudyuvA lesson is studied by someone.Ma'āyu gida gali' 'ang naga'istudyu gid.For one who studies hard it is really good.pag'istudyunsomeone's studies'Ang 'ākun pag'istudyu midyu nabaya'an ku na.I only paid a little attention to my studies.cf'iskwīla 'istādi

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