-ineg locfsufA person, place or thing is not or was not the location of an action performed by someone.Kung waya' mu siya banta'i nga 'īmu siya patyun, waya' naglāyas 'ang 'ākun 'unga'.If she had not been threatened by you that she would be killed by you, my daughter would not have run away.cf- an gina-an gina-an gina-i giN-an -in-an4pag-an pag-an pag-i imper locfsufSomeone or something must or should be the location of an action performed by someone!The range of meaning of this imperative locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Higuti 'ābi 'ang 'īmu manga bābuy kay nagakinadtu sa 'ākun ning 'uma.Please, your pigs should be tethered because they keep on going into my upland field.Daku'daku'i 'ābi 'ang pabīlu nang murun kag birabirahun ma'āyu 'ang pabīlu, pāra makatākud sa hāngin.The wick of the bottle torch should please be made very big and the wick should be carefully pulled out little by little so that it will be able to survive in the wind.Milba, humani ning dūyan 'ang 'īmu 'unga' kag pakatuyūgun!Melba, your child should have a hammock made for [her] and should be allowed to sleep!imper locfsufWith causative stem.Mahal kung 'asāwa, kung 'ikaw na ma'unga' paday'i gid 'akuy sūlat, kay dūgay pa 'aku kabālik.Dear wife, when you give birth I should be sent a letter because it will take long for me to come back.Sīgi na! Palapiti na kay 'ūras na nang 'āras!Go ahead! [He] should now be approached because it is time for the espousal ceremony!cf- an gina-i pag-an pag-i

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