rasunnthe reason for an event or situation'Indi' makīta' nang 'āyam 'ang rasun kung bāsi' hay daw may pinīli' 'ang 'iya 'āmu.The dog could not find the reason why it seemed that his master had favorites.vSomeone discusses or debates a particular subject with someone else.cfginadiskusyunannagarasunKung 'aku nagarasun, 'ang 'ākun būsis, hay daw hangit, pīru bukun 'aku hangit; tyad lang gida 'ina' kung 'aku nagahambay.When I discuss, as for my voice, it seems that [it is] angry, but I am not angry; that's just the way it is when I speak.cfdiskusyun

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