na-abl gfSomeone or something was able to be acted upon by someone else.Abilitative aspect includes actions that happen to be done or are accidentally, casually or unintentionally done.Daku' gid 'ang pasalāmat ku kay 'aku hay nabutang naman sa siksyun wan kay sayud gid ninda nga 'ang 'ākun grādu hay matā'as.My giving thanks was intense because, as for me, [I] was able to be placed into section one because it was known by them that my grades were high.Napāka 'ang sundang ni Tāta Pinuy.The [handle of] Uncle Pinoy's cutting bolo was accidentally broken.cfgiN- giN- gina- gina- gina- giN-a -in-1-in-1 ma-1 ma-1 pag-a -un -un

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