kūtubvSomeone or something reaches a particular place or ends at a particular place.Tungud sa 'indi' ku makīta' ma'āyu 'ang dāgat kung di'in na kūtub 'u 'ang kasira'an nang 'āmun bayay nagapangayu' 'aku sa 'inda ning 'iwag.Because I could not clearly see the sea where it reached [in eroding the shoreline] or the damage to our house, I asked them for a light.'Ay 'amu'! 'Ayaw na, kay dira' na lang 'aku kūtub.Hey monkey! Don't do that, because I will just end there (i.e., I will die).vkutub saprepuntil a particular time, place, the attainment of somethingDira' lang kamu kūtub sa grid 'unum.You were only there until grade six.

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