kungvarkunsubord conjAn event occurs or a state exists if, provided that, so long as another event occurs or state exists.Introduces a conditional clause.Magugūtum 'aku kung 'indi' 'aku magbakay bugas sa tindāhan.I will be hungry if I do not buy rice at the store.synbasta cfbasta kung 'anu ('anu 2)what an action, state or thing iskung 'unu1what someone doeskung bāsi' (bāsi' 1b)why an event occurs or a state existskung di'in (di'in 1b)where an event occurs or a condition existskung di'indī'in2People or things come from or go to various places, come from various directions or go in various directions.kung ka'isa ('isa 6b)sometimeskung kanin'u (kanin'u 1b)whose possession someone or something iskung kasan'u (kasan'u 1b)when an event occurredkung kunta'1subord conjIf only a particular state had existed or action had occurred, another state would have existed or another action would have occurred (but it did not).Kung 'aku ginatudlu'an kunta' nga 'indi' na 'aku mag'asāwa masunud da 'aku sa 'inda.If only I had been advised that I shouldn't get married again I would have followed them [but I got married].cfbasta 2subord conjAt a time when something happens or a state exists, something else happens or another state exists.Kung hāpun nagakadtu 'aku sa mirkādu kay mabakay suya'.When afternoons [arrive] I go to the market to buy [uncooked] side dishes.ex Ma'āyu baya nga mag'iskwīla ka sa hayskul pāra kung maggūyang 'aku may tināpus ka.Maybe it is good for you to study in high school so that when I become old there is something you have finished.Kung 'aku hay tumindug hay matindug da 'ining ka'unga'an.When I stood up these children would also stand up.synbasta 3subord conjbecause, since something happens or a state existsMarks a clause which expresses a logical consequence.Ang hambay nang 'ākun nanay, "'Ayaw magtāngis kung 'imaw 'ina' nga lyāki 'ang gustu nāmun nga 'ipa'asāwa sa 'īmu."My mother said, "Don't cry since that man is the one we want to let marry you."4subj mkAn event might or should occur; marks a subjunctive clause or phrase.The dependent clause commonly has a past tense verb.Ginatahāwan ku 'ina' siya kag paka'ūnun kung nakalūtu' na 'aku.That one was served by me and was allowed to eat since I was able to cook already.Nahadluk 'ini siya sa 'īmu kay kung 'īmu siya 'ipapatay.This one is afraid of you because he might be allowed by you to be killed.Sa dayanun kadāmu' 'ang nagapangutana kung pila kunu 'ang 'ākun bakay nang tiyu'.Along the road, many are asking how much my buying price of the puppy might be.kung na'unu (na'unu 2)what the situation of a person or thing is or waskung pa'unu (pa'unu 1b)an event about doing something, or involved in doing something; how an event occurskung pa'unu (pa'unu 2b)what someone experiences; what is done in performing an actionkung sa di'in (di'in 1c)where someone or something is located; where someone or something comes from, goes, is taken from, or taken tokung san'u (san'u 1b)when or until an event occurskung sin'u (sin'u 1b)who the person involved in an event or in a particular state iskung sin'u (sin'u 2a)no matter who

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