tākasnthe water's edgeSinūgu' ninda 'ang 'isa nga, "Kadtu'a 'ābi sa tākas kag siru'un kung yadtu sa 'inda bayay si Māming."One person was instructed by them, "Please go to the water's edge and check [to see] if Mameng is there at their house."cf'alīhidbaybay bi'bi'gātawgātawgātawgātawgātawgātawginapahalinginapaluwasguwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'halinhalinhalinhalinkantukūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapluwas luwas luwas luwas luwas nagakūyappagpaguwa'pagtamwa'pīliwtamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'makatākasManga 'anghil sa kalangītan, bulīgi kami nga makatākas kami sa pīliw nang lawud.Angels from heaven, we must be helped so that we will be able to come out to the edge of the ocean.cfgātawguwa'halinkūyapluwas tamwa'nakatākasHay nakatākas gida 'adtu 'ang tāwu; ginsinūgid nang sundālu.That person was able to come out [from the water and] [he] was continually looked for by the soldiers.patakas1advin the direction of the water's edgeLinīsu' ninda 'ang barūtu kag pa'atubāngun 'ang prūwa patakas.The boat was turned around by them and the prow was allowed to face in the direction of the water's edge.cfbaybay pīliw2vSomeone comes out from a body of water.Magbayūtu, tākas na kay bāsi' kung nagbāti' na si Tūtu'.Magbayoto, come out now [from the water] because it might be that Toto is already awake.If unspecified, the place from which one comes out is usually understood to be a body of water, commonly the ocean.

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