'ūnucard num adjone action, person, piece of something, situation, thing, time, unit of measurementMagtūna' sa primīru nga līlas mabīlang ka ning 'isa hanggang baynti 'ūnu lilas sa tigtagsa.Beginning from the first buri strip you will count up to twenty-one buri strips one by one.traynta 'ūnuthirty-onesyn'isa cf'adtu nang 'ūna2 'isa 'isa 'ūna1 wanwanSpanish numbers, 'ūnu, dus, tris, kwatru, etc. are used 1) for abstract counting, and numbering things if item is not mentioned; 2) for measurement of the hours of day (See Appendix 14 Hours of the Day.); 3) to indicate money values, both pesos and centavos; 4) counting by 5's. up to 95, 5) sometimes for measurement of things or length, size and weight of things if it is designated by a Spanish word (See Appendix 18, Linear Measurement; Appendix 19, Dry or Liquid Volume Measurement.). All numbers from eleven 'unsi up to ninety-nine nubinta 'inuwībi are of Spanish origin.21, Cardinal Numbers

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