pirmiadvoften, only, usuallyPirmi mu li'li'un 'ang sīlung nang tapāhan kay kung ma'apūtan 'ang sayug.The space underneath the smoking rack should often be checked by you because the floor might catch fire.Sa magūyang pirmi 'ang 'ākun bāru'.My dress was only for old people.Nang dūgay na pirmi na 'aku may nababati'an nga balīta' sa 'umāgad ni Nardu.Lately news from the son-in-law of Nardo has usually been able to be clearly heard by me.kapirmīhan1sup advalways, most oftenKapirmīhan didtu mu 'ini makikīta' nga sīhi' sa 'idāyum nang batu.This shell will always be able to be found by you under stones.Puydi da 'ang baguy nga humanun nga sikyū'an pīru 'ang kapirmīhan gid nga gāmit hay lāta nga sa gatasan.A coconut shell could also be used as home base but the thing most often used is an empty milk can.2vSomeone continues in a particular place or situation.nagapirmiDiri gid 'aku nagapirmi kana Rubin diri sa Baktāsan.I continue here with Ruben and family here in Bactasan.

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