la'ga'vSomething is boiled by someone in a liquid.synpakayadkaran, pakayadkarunginala'ga''Ini hay ginala'ga' lang kag pwīdi da 'ini nga ka'ūnun.As for these [common basket mollusks] they are just boiled and it is possible that [they] can then be eaten.ginla'ga''Ang paglūtu' 'adtu nang manuk waya' pagbu'aka kundi' ginbu'uy lang tanan 'ang kasudlan kag ginla'ga' sa tūbi'.The way of cooking that chicken was that it was not cut into halves but only the organs were removed and [it] was boiled in water.lina'ga', nila'ga'adja boiled food'Ang pamāhaw ni Linda hay lina'ga' nga balinghuy.As for the breakfast meal of Linda, [it] was boiled cassava.'Adtu 'ang 'āmun daya nga nila'ga' nga manuk, tuba', sūman nga binukbuk nga bugas, tabāku' kag mama, 'ākun 'ina' ginbutang sa langkapi.As for those things of ours, boiled chicken, coconut wine, wrapped sticky rice cakes, tobacco and betel nuts, they were put by me on the bamboo table.synpakayadkadCommon boiled foods: lina'ga' nga kamūti boiled sweet potato, lina'ga' nga mani boiled peanuts, lina'ga' nga ma'is boiled corn, lina'ga' nga 'itlug boiled egg, lina'ga' nga 'uraru boiled arrowroot.pagla'ga'gersomeone's boiling of something'Ang 'īmu 'ini pagla'ga', 'īmu gid pakayadkarun ning ma'āyu manga subra tunga' sa 'ūras.As for your boiling of these [buri leaves], let them boil very well for over half an hour.

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