lāti'na woodlotGāni' siru'a nyan sa 'iban nga lugar nga 'ang 'inda lāti' hay 'upaw na; kundi' ma'isut lang nga 'uyan; sigurādu gid nga baha' na 'ang 'inda lugar.Look now in other places where their woodlots are already denuded; therefore there is only a little rain; surely their area will be flooded now.cfkaguyāngan2nkalatī'anna woodlot area'Ang māya, kung nagapūgad hay sa kalatī'an.As for chestnut manikins, when [they] build nests [they] are in woodlot areas.A woodlot is privately owned and consists of trees, shrubs and grass. It is an area that is potentially used for constructing an upland field 'uma.cfkaguyāngan2

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