gāling2vSomeone grinds a substance, such as meat, milled rice kernels.ginagālingGinagāling 'ang kināpaw kag ginahuman nga 'alpug.Marble tile discards are ground and made into dust [for cement, instead of river sand].ginālingna ground substance, as a cereal meal; chips of a hard substance as marble rockgināling nga bugas2rice mealgināling nga karni1ground meatgināling nga ma'īsncornmealmarmul nga gināling1marble chipsnaggālingNaggāling 'aku ning bugas.I ground the rice [with a rice grinder].nagpagālingNagpagāling 'aku ning bugas.I had the rice ground.pagālingcaus vSomeone has something ground.

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