pag-aneg gf affSomeone or something was not acted upon by someone else.Ginbātun da ni Birunika, pīru pag'abut na sa 'inda bayay waya' niya pagbasāha.[The letter] was taken then by Veronica, but when she arrived at their house [it] was not read by her.syngiN-a cf-a -a giN- giN- gina- gina- giN-a giN-a giN-a giN-a gina-agina-amag-ana-pag-unpag-un-un -un -un neg imper gf affSomeone or something must not or should be acted upon by someone else.As a negative imperative goal focus affix, pag-a has the same function as mag-a.Ayaw 'ānay pagpatuyūga si Turing kay ginagūtum pa 'ina' siya!Please, Toring should not be allowed to sleep because that one is still hungry!'Ayaw 'aku pagtintara kay yāri na 'aku sa pudir ni 'Inrīku!I should not be tempted because I am here in the care of Enrico!syngiN-a cf-a giN- gina-apag-un

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