byu-ac/g gerprefsomeone's being the accessory or goal of an actionThis affix occurs with an accessory, goal or location (locative) focused substantive. Accessory focus:'Ang patakaran ninda wayay byubaligya' litsun basta 'ang litsun yāra' sa 'inda kantin.Their regulation [was] no roast pork being sold except for roast pork there in their canteen.cfkaCV-2naga- pag-2 paN-4n dervprefderives a nounLocation focus:Gumulpi da būnuk 'ang 'uyan; ngāni' daw sa 'ākun kahadluk kag daw sa 'ākun byubanta', hay daw mabagyu gid.The rain quickly pelted down; so in my fear and in my being threatened, it seemed as though there would be a strong typhoon.cfpag-2 n dervprefbakūyud mountain, byubakūyud hillsideDumyāgan 'ang 'āyam pakadtu sa byubakūyud kag nagtināngis ning katunugtūnug.The dog ran, going to the hillside, and kept on crying very loudly.

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