bātunvSomeone accepts someone else; someone receives or takes something given to them.babatūnunHay nyan nga may trabāhu ka nga pirmaminti , ma'āyu da kay 'ābir 'umuyan sumīlak sigurādu gid nga may babatūnun ka.Now that you have permanent work it is good because even though it rains [or] shines it is sure that there will be [income] that will consistently be received by you.binātun, gingbātunPag'abut ninda sa 'inda bayay, binātun da sinda, pinasāka', kag nag'inatubangan sinda sa tatay ni Taluy.Upon arriving at their house, they were accepted, invited to come up, and they met each other with the father of Taluy.ginabātunGinapangutana si Lukrisya nang pāri' nga " Lukrisya, ginabātun mu ba nga maging 'asāwa mu si Nistur?"Lucresia was asked by the priest, " Lucresia, is Nestor accepted by you to become your husband?"ginabatūnaWaya' gāni' ginabatūna didtu 'ang waya' katāpus sa hayskul.Those who were not able to finish high school were not accepted [into the sewing school].mababātunKung gustu ku mag'ubirtaym sa pagtahi' pwīdi kay gahingabut da 'aku nga kadāmu' 'ang 'ākun matatāpus 'agud daku' da 'ang mababātun ku nga bāyad.If I like to work overtime in sewing [I] can because I try hard to be able to consistently finish many [articles of clothing] so that more payment can be consistently received by me.mabātun'Indi' gid baya niya mabātun nga siya hay kasayun kay Rubin.[It] can not be accepted under any conditions by her that she will be married to Ruben.nabātunNabātun ni 'Inrīku 'ang sūlat ni Plurintīna, "'Abaw 'Inrīku! 'Ang 'ātun 'unga' 'ang hitsūra parīhu gid sāpat."A letter of Florentina was able to be received by Enrico [and it said], "Oh, Enrico! As for our child the appearance is like a domestic animal."nakabātunvSomeone or something is accepted or received by someone.Nakabātun da 'aku nang 'ākun ning būnus, nakabakay 'aku simintu.[When] I finally was able to receive my bonus, I was able to buy cement.pagkabātunti gerafter or upon someone's accepting or receiving somethingPagkabātun ku nang tiligrāma, 'insigīda lumarga nga dā'an 'aku.Upon my receiving the telegram, I left at once.

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