Credits & acknowledgements


The printed dictionary was published in 2006 by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines in the Philippine Journal of Linguistics (PJL). This organization publishes studies in descriptive, comparative, historical, and area linguistics. The editor is Ma. Laurdes S. Bautista, De La Salle University.

Several anthropologists, lexicographers, and linguists have influenced the way this dictionary has been compiled through their lectures, seminars, and personal communication. Among them are Harold Conklin, Richard Elkins, Joseph Grimes, Sydney Lamb, Floyd Lounsbury, and Ladislav Zgusta. Doug Trick consulted on several areas of the dictionary and made numerous helpful suggestions.

Romblomanon texts were gathered by Oscar Mindo, Zosimo Mabasa, and Eulalia Mabasa. Fish identification was provided by Rogelio Madeja, Agosto Mangaring, Danilo Mangaring, Fredrico Madeja, Terso Mabunga, Diego Magallon, Alejandro Doblas, Rodolfo Gusi, Fufino Mangaring, Ricky Mortel and Joseph Mortel.

Terso Mabunga and Bituy Mangaring contributed excellent drawings of various cultural items, and Joseph Tabardilla made several cultural contributions verbally and by supplying specimens from which descriptions were written.

Thank you to those who provided technical or editing help: Doug Rintoul, Ron Krueger, John Wimbish, Sue McQuay, Virginia Larson, Rex Johnson, Johanna Newell, and others.