With a population of approximately 265,000, the Rombomanon of the southern Philippines are located in the Romblon province. This province lies on the Sibuyan Sea and is near the center of the Philippine archipelago.

The province consists of a cluster of islands and islets with a total land area of about 1534 square kilometers. The main island named Romblon has hilly terrain with a maximum elevation of 444 meters in its southern part. The capital city, Romblon, is located on the main island of Romblon.

The island of Romblon is well known for its mineral deposits and fishing. The main activity of the people is agriculture, producing coconut, rice, corn and bananas.

The language of Romblomanon is spoken on the islands of Romblon, Sibuyan, Alad, Lugbon and in the municipality of San Agustin on the Tablas Island with slight dialect variations. The dialect in and around the town of Romblon was chosen as the basis for the lexical description of this dictionary.

This language is classified as Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bisayan, Central, Romblon. There are three dialects for this language: Sibuyanon, Romblon, and Bisaya'. The Ethnologue Code for this group is rol.

The Romblomanon speakers use the language in the home and in commerce. Literature has been developed in this people group including texts and Bible portions (1992-2011).