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ngong n
nggwa i sai
nggwa n
nggong n
nggwe- v
ngguri₁ cf: agirau.
nggor cf: gor; cf: goral ta gur.
nggyal ya
nggupwya (irreg. infl. nggupya) cf: kar; cf: kapor; cf: kapiya.
ngger ti canan
nggut₁ n
ritual (planting of a) tree [The traditional authority from the family of the bride grows this tree in the residence of the bride-groom. It is done to markor celebrate the first-born male child of their daughter. They may do the same for all subsequent male children born by theirdaughter, but never the female. The husband of the daughter will slaughter a fat ram for them which they will carry home.While coming and returning, they will blow a small horn called sotare, so that women do not see them. It is usually twopersons that are delegated to go and perform this ritual. It is also called fv:hoash.](sem. domains: 24.16.2 Custom, tradition (L&N 41.B).)
charm, article marking a prohibited area [The nggut is usually something wrapped in a grass. To stop people from going somewhere(e.g. an area where small-pox have broken out), the religious authority can place thisarticle on the road leading to the prohibited place. Anyone who crosses the nggut articlecommits a serious crime which may carry a death sentence. If for any reason a father and hischildren cannot happily live together, the religious authority will intervene and separatethem for life by this ritual. (cf. kir karnggash)](sem. domains: 33.2 Supernatural Powers (L&N 12.B).)
nggar ye
nggaɗa ta ko
nggarɓwi cf: karɓwe; cf: nggak-nggarau.
nggyarau cf: ; cf: nggarau; cf: nggak-nggarau; cf: .