The Ron language group of Nigeria have a population of around 176,000 with 20,000 Shagau (Manguna). Most of the population are located in the Plateau state: Barakin-Ladi, Bokkos, and Mangu LGAs; possibly Nassawara state.

The language is classified as Afro-Asiatic, Chadic, West, A, A.4, Ron Proper. The ISO code is [cla].
There are three dialects: Alis I Ron (Alis I Run, Bokkos), Lis Ma Ron (Lis Ma Run), Shagau (Maleni, Manguna, Nafunfia, Shagawu).

The language is highly valued by the Ron people although some also speak Hausa [hau], Nigerian Pidgin [pcm], Mwaghavul [sur], and Nigerian Fulfulde [fuv]. The language has been researched and developed. There is literature and radio programs in Ron.