This dictionary is based on the Register of Roots in the Rungus Dialect -- Pongumpugan dit ongopuun dot pongoretan do Rungus by Rev. Traugott A. Forschner of Mission 21 (formerly Basel Mission), published in book form (3rd edition, 1992 in Kudat) and online (Web Edition 2009). This was recently made available as an app (see Google Play).

Forschner's original Register of Roots (Rungus - English) was later revised by Johnny K. Sokuroh, and published as Pu'un do boros Momogun Rungus Rootwords (Momogun Rungus - English) in 2013 in Kudat, Sabah.

In 2005 both scholars (independently of each other) passed their databases on to us (Rungus Dictionary Committee in collaboration with SIL) to expand, correct, and add the Malay. Parasin Bongkol contributed most of the Malay definitions and glosses.

Tracy Moketong, on behalf of the Rungus Dictionary Committee in collaboration with SIL, is now working on correcting and completing entries as well as adding sample sentences.

The dictionary is therefore the moral property of the Rungus community for whose benefit the original authors handed us their databases. It is being held in trust for the Rungus people by SIL, and SIL acknowledges the right of the Rungus community to use it as they see fit.