Photo journal

A Samburu writers' workshop was held in 2008.

The first version of a Samburu alphabet chart was published in 2008.

The first of BTL Samburu's publications was the Christmas story, first published in 2009.

The Gospel of Luke was gone through by reviewers in 2010.

Community check of the Gospel of Luke in the village of Nchok, Wamba region, 2010.

Community check of the Gospel of Luke in the village of Tamiyoi outside Maralal, 2010.

A pre-primer, primer and a teacher's guide were published in 2013.

The Gospel of Matthew was dedicated in Wamba in 2014.

A publication containing seven New Testament letters was dedicated in Loosuk in 2015.

The letters publication contained Paul's letter to the Galatians, Paul's first and the second letters to the Thessalonians, Paul's letter to Philemon, and the first, second and third letters written by John.

These publications were published by the BTL Samburu project by 2016: The Christmas Story (2009), The Gospel of Luke (2011), The Gospel of Matthew (2014), Paul's letters to the Galatians, Thessalonians and Philemon and the letters of John (2015), The Jesus film (2012), Bible Stories (2015), orthography brochures (2011 and 2014), CD with Christian songs (2011), a project brochure (2011), pre-primer, primer and teacher's guide (2013), and a booklet about personal hygiene, a booklet about typhoid fever and a booklet about AIDS (2013). On the picture the booklet about Nachipae and an accompanying teacher's guide (2010) are missing, as well as a leader's guide to the 12 step recovery programme (2015), and the SD card with audio material (2015).

The SD card contains the Gospel of Matthew, the letters publication, Bible stories, and songs in audio format, as well as the Jesus film. The micro SD card inside the card on the picture can be put into mobile phones.

The Samburu dictionary was reviewed in 2016 in Maralal.

Samburu dictionary, reviewers' workshop in December 2016.

All photos are taken by Anna Dahlbacka.