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abeabevar.aboomodold and tough (sugar cane)cf vaboola
abi hoona'bi hoonna swamp, puddle, or mud holesyndogo
abo2"abonthe reciprocal term of address and reference for a grandmother and her grandchild
abooaboovar. ofabe
aboogoolaaboogoolav1to become wild, as an animal becomes wild
aboolaaboolav1(sugar cane) to become old
ada'adavar. ofala2var. ofalabe
adauadauvar. ofalau
ade'adevar.owonthe reciprocal term for a son and his father, including the men of his father's initiation cycle in his villagesynado
adimande"adi'mandesub. ofadiomonsetin the doorway
adiomonadion'monna dooradiomon solomanlaopen the dooradiomon kisonlaclose the dooradimandesub."adi'mandesetin the doorway
adoadondad or daddysynade
afe'afenbatten (the horizontal pieces that folded sago leaves are inserted over to form a sago-leaf roof, the crosspieces on rafters or trusses that an iron roof is nailed to)afe fanlasub.'afe fanlav1to tie afe (battens) onto rafters
afe fanla'afe fanlasub. ofafev1to tie afe (battens) onto rafters
agolaagolav1to floodHoon agodo.The water is high (in flood).
agoogooa'googoona sore or woundagoogoo fufuwakalasub.agoogoo fufuwakalav1to be covered with sores
agoogoo fufuwakalaagoogoo fufuwakalasub. ofagoogoov1to be covered with sores
ala1alav11harvest2harvest (taro)An houa abo.I harvested taro.3brake (bottle, drum)
ala2alavar.adavar. ofalabe
ala3alacfalabepro1you and I (1st person dual inclusive)Ala iboWe (2) went
alabealabevar.ala2cfala3pro4our (1st person dual inclusive possessive)
alagatoolaalagatoolav1to snatch or grab at unsuccessfully

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