Samo - English


haebohaebovar. ofhalela
-haen-haensfxnot or did not (past negative)
hafiyodohafiyodomodrotten, or bad (taste)
hafiyolahafiyolacfgahankolugisilanbiv1to dry out or rot (of plants)anthelanboola 1syngahankolugisilanbi 1
hafolahafolav1to dry out, or become dry
hagenhagenwhat one says when one can't remember the name of something. whatsit, what do you call it
hahandahanhandahahanloboodalav2to become light
haihaicfhaiyanthe underside or underneath part
haisoosoolahaisoosoolacfnesomunlav11strangle2to choke off, or strangle3to ignore
haiyahaiyasetfrom underteba haiya(sweep) from under the tablecf nhai
hala1halacfhomenv1to chop (a tree)
hala2halacfdolo1var. ofdodav1to smoke or dry meat
halanfulahanlanfulav1to pant
halelahalelavar.haebocfsa haedosub. ofsav3for an event or occurrence to follow after another in sequence
halihalisetunderneath, or underbuoli haliunder the chair
halomanlahalomanlav1to drain, or empty (of liquid)
haloolahaloolavar.haoobov3to refuseYon haoobo.He refuses.Bu haoobo.Breast refused (weaned).
halugulahalugulav11dispose2to dispose of an initial act, such as blowing out the first inhilation of smoke or spitting out one's first bite of food3to cut, but not cut through
hamen oolahamen oolav1to raid or attack
hamen oomanhamen oomanna raid, or attack
hanhannot, negativehan nanlathat which is not usually eatenhan ogolasub.han ogolaflu or pneumonia