Samo - English


mahandulamanhandulav1to carry in one's arms
mahionla1manhionlapl. ofmanla1
mahionlokalamanhionlokalapl. ofmanla1
-manmansfxPAST-NONFINALOnmu yoboolen Bibuwo oosoo We kenloon hooanman ki yobooli...In the old days a Gobasi man named We had run away and was living here...
manbimanbinpubescent femalecf nkuin
manboolo ___lamanboolo ___lato do something quickly, but not necessarily carefullymanboolo sogoboplanted quickly
mandegemandegecfsobuonlinclan/family ???synbuoli 1
mangoonmangoonnsalivamangoon doogoolasub.mangoon doogoolav1to spitmangoon manlasub.mangoon manlav1to suck
mangoon doogoolamangoon doogoolasub. ofmangoonv1to spit
mangoon manlamangoon manlasub. ofmangoonv1to suck
manhainmanhainna type of rat or bandicoot [handwritten]
manla1manlapl.mahionla1mahionlokalacfuligibi manlo ilasub. ofuligibiv1to put or placemoohoonmanla1sub.
manla2manlana younger sibling of the same sex [handwritten]
manla3manlanhorizontal pieces of a fence
manlenmanlenna type of banana
melemainmenlenmainntonguemelemain tala nenlasub.menlenmain tala lenlav1to stick out one's tongue
melemain tala nenlamenlenmain tala lenlasub. ofmelemainv1to stick out one's tongue
melenmenlenopposite ???, deny ???Ebe fa do melen hen silanla.There were no bananas so didn't cook any.Toman melen booanla.(I) deny he died (dead opposite will say). ???
melongoolamenlongoolav1to joke, or make fun ofmelongooli oosoosub.menlongooli oosoona joker or clown
melongooli oosoomenlongooli oosoosub. ofmelongoolana joker or clown
melongoolomenlongoolomodcarefully, or properlyMelongoolo ibo.Went carefully.melongoolo gelo yoboolasub.menlongoolo gelo yoboolav1to care formelongoolo hooanlasub.menlongoolo hooanlav1to blessmelongoolo ogolasub.menlongoolo ogolav1to watch overmelongoolo towadelasub.menlongoolo towadelav1to remember
melongoolo gelo yoboolamenlongoolo gelo yoboolasub. ofmelongoolov1to care for