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nanlanpro2you (2nd person singular focus)Nan ila.You will go (in answer to the question "who will go?")Nan an oobo.You hit me.
nanbalanbanelastic or rubber
nanlalanlacfbu2fedogigoboolahomentolaoolaoualayov1to eat
nansi1lansina type of tree bark used in spells
nanwilanwina possum-like animal
neganlonen'ganlomight, or liable toSobo tola noganlo koda oloowo ibaba?Why did you escort your wife when she might die?
nelonbu uyolenlonbu uyoncicada
nenlenpro4your (2nd person singular possessive)nen finlinsub.len finlinit's up to you, or it's your business)
nen finlinlen finlinsub. ofnenit's up to you, or it's your business)
nendi nenlalendi lenlav1to barter or tradecf vnenla
nenlalenlapl.nenhionlacffedohedafihibitigalahionwonhun nenlahusonkalamelemainnendi nenlatoolatowov1to givecf vnendi nenla
nesomunlalensomunlacfhaisoosoolav1to be angry and ignore
nin1linpro1you (plural) or yours (plural), (2nd person plural)Ke nin.It is yours.Nin diyaun defanla.You (pl) will cut the grass (in answer to "What will we do?").
nin2linloonpro3you two specifically (2nd person dual specific)
ninlen2linlenpro2you two (2nd person dual focus)Ninlen howotoola.You (2) will work (in answer to "who will work?").
ninlenbelinlenbeninlen1pro4your (2nd person dual possessive)
ninlinlinlinpro1you two, or yours (2nd person dual)Ke ninlin.It belongs to you two.
ninyen2linyenpro2you (2nd person plural focus)Ninyen i.You (pl) go (in answer to "Who will go?")
ninyenbelinyenbeninyen1pro4your (2nd person plural possessive)ninyenbe bibi.your (pl) cargo
ninyoonlinyoonpro3you (plural) specifically (2nd person plural specific)

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