Samo - English


ta doogoolata doogoolasub. oftalav1extract and discard
talatalacfmelemainv1extract or pull out s.t.synanlabilata doogoolasub.ta doogoolav1extract and discard
talakatalakana vehicle (car or truck)
talasayolatalasayolav1to crumble because not burned completely ???
talawi oosootalawi oosooobnoxious/disobedientanttedemantedeman oosoosub. oftedeman
taloman ilataloman ilav1escape
tamitamintime, clock/watchKo tamiba?What time is it?Tami dogobo.The time has arrived (it is time to...)
tanbulatanbulav1to play, bug or tease
tandatandavar.tanlabov2to split wood
tanlabotanlabovar. oftanda
tanmintanminna multi-pronged arrow used to catch birds or fish
tautauriver bed
tayotayon2shadow3reflectiontayo ogolisub.tayo ogolinmirror
tayo ogolitayo ogolisub. oftayonmirror
tebateban1table2lumber/wood that has been cut
tedebetedebecftedebe holin debesub. oftedebemods.t. is done totally, completely and finallyOye Ayo yen oiman toowadiliyaga tedebe faguboga hooanbo.God forgave us once and for all.Tedebe ibo.Went for good (won't return).tedebe oligianlahe is always angry (he never laughs, plays or talks)tedebe dooloomon debesub.tedebe dooloomon debes.t. is useless for its purpose/functiontedebe holin debesub.tedebe honlin debes.t. is useful for its purpose/function
tedebe dooloomon debetedebe dooloomon debesub. oftedebes.t. is useless for its purpose/function
tedebe holin debetedebe honlin debesub. oftedebes.t. is useful for its purpose/function
tedemantendemanmodpeaceful, kind, honest and uprighttedeman oosooman of this charactertedeman dodawill live uprightlyanttalawi oosootedeman oosoosub.tendeman oosooanttalawi oosoo