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r-yu' /yù' / v 1put oneself; be put; be placed meterse; ponerse Ryu' get le'en rob The tortillas are placed in the tenate. Se ponen tortillas en el tenate. (sem. domains: in |Meter.) 2put on, use ponerse, usar Ca-yu' faj le'eny Juany. Juan is putting on the support belt. Juan se está poniendo la faja. Ryu' yag na-b He uses a walking stick. El usa bastón. (sem. domains: 5.3.7Wear clothing |Usar prendas de vestir.) 3enter entrar Ryu' Juany le'en yu'u Juan enters the house. Juan entra en la casa. 4be invested in invertierse Ryu' mely lo-ny The money is invested in it. Se le invierte dinero. Rutsa mely b-yu' lo carr Lots of money is invested in the car. Mucho dinero se invierte en el carro. [com. b-][pot. yú' ]r-yu bye'cy turn oneself around; turn one's head to look back , r-yu' bi make noise , r-yu' che' be guarded , r-yu' crud have a hangover , r-yu' dxe'ch be angry , r-yu' icy understand , r-yu' legr be happy , r-yu' trist be sad , r-yu' xlia' have a fever , r-yu' xpixh be disgusted by , r-yu' xtieny be rusty , r-yu' za'c give birth (Related to: r-gu' /gù'/ put; paint; perform. )