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bdziMZ bidzunfruit of the organo cactus1.5Plant5. from fruitunspec. comp. formyabdziorgano cactusyag

bgwinguavaPsidium guajava 1.5Plantunspec. comp. formyag bgwiguayaba treeyag



dobSLQZ dùubnagave1.5Plant

xobʐo:bncorn (kernels)1.5Plant1.5.3Grass, herb, vineThis word is used to describe dried corn kernels which have been detached from the cob.

yagcfdi'dxr-ca1r-cwa'n1tree1.5.1Tree2stick, pole3wood1.5Plant5.5.6FuelUsed as an idiomatic object with the verb rr-cwà' yààg.yabdziunspec. comp. formnorgano cactus1.5.3Grass, herb, vineyag belgwiunspec. comp. formnnance tree1.5.1Treeyag bgwiunspec. comp. formnguayaba tree1.5.1Treeyag gitsunspec. comp. formyààg gììətsntype of pine tree1.5.1Tree

yag zinynpalm tree1.5Plant

zinynpalm frond1.5Plant