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be'cwnperrodog1. bèe'cwbe'cw dxabunspec. comp. formn evil dog (a being that some believe comes in the night to do harm)synbe'cw ya'tybe'cw ya'ty

be'z1🔊cfbez1be'z2n1jaguar; tigrejaguar; tiger1.àjc+bníí bè'z gìì't.Se siembran las semillas de calabaza.The pumpkin seeds are sown.1.5.5Parts of a plantMinimal pair with bèèz 'toad; sapo'SLQZ be'sgyet 'squash seed'




xidcfbich2ngatocatxíid bìsu gatohis cat1. is an older word used by some people. The more common word is biich