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di'ily /dì'íly / v find (irreg. stem) buscar (raíz irregular) (cf: r-gi'ily /gì'íly/ find; look for. )

r-di'ily /dì'íly / v be searched for buscarse Rdi'ily be'cw The dog is being searched for. Se busca el perro (sem. domains: pairpair.) (Related to: r-gi'ily /gì'íly/ find; look for. )

r-gi'ily /gì'íly / v 1find; look for buscar Reypyba lo dadgi qui'ilba xhizi gac reyxhi'nyba She told the man to find something to do with his children Le dijo al señor que busque cómo hacer con los niños. 2Ca-gi'ily-reby rraxt. They are looking for the trail Están buscando la pista (sem. domains: pairpair.) [com. ù-dì'íly][pot. quí'ìly ](Related to: r-di'ily /dì'íly/ be searched for; cf: di'ily /dì'íly/ find (irreg. stem). )