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doby /dóóby / q all todo

r-doby /dòòby / v 1be rolled up; be covered in estar enrollado 2be on (a part of the body) (of bruises or marks) estar en (una parte del cuerpo) (de moretones y manchas) Udoby morad ni'-iby He has a bruise on his leg. El tiene un moretón en el pie. (cf: toby /tóóby/ roll up. )

r-doby /dóʰby / v run out; give out; burn out; be used up acabarse Rdoby candel The candle burned out. Se acabó la vela. (sem. domains: pairpair.) (cf: r-sadoby /sàdòʰby/ use up; consume entirely; finish. )

r-dobya' /dòbyá' / v worry about preocuparse Rdobya' Mari tu cun rr-di xi'ny dxa'p-bi. Maria is worried about who her daughter is going out with. Se preocupa Maria con quién sale su hija.

r-dobyu /dóóbyù / v be picked, pulled off jalarse [com. ù-][pot. ì- ](cf: r-gobyu /gòòbyù/ pick, pull off. )

r-ldoby /ldooby / v breathe, blow soplar Rldoby Juany lode'. Juan blows on the fire. Juan sopla al fuego. (sem. domains: 2.2.1Breathe, breath |Respirar, respiración.) [com. ù-][pot. ì- ]

r-sadoby /sàdòʰby / v use up; consume entirely; finish acabar; terminar Usadoby Juany mansan Juan finished the apple Juan terminó la manzana. (sem. domains: pairpair.) (cf: r-doby /dóʰby/ run out; give out; burn out; be used up. )