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dxiby /dʒíìby / n fright-sickness susto (sem. domains: 2.5.8Mental illness |Enfermedad mental.)

r-ac ... dxiby /àʰk … dʒíìby / v suffer from fright-sickness tener susto Cay-ac Juany dxiby Juan has fright-sickness Juan tiene susto (sem. domains: 2.5.2Disease |Enfermedad.)

r-dxiby /dʒìíby / v 1be frightened; fear; be afraid (of) asustar(se); tener miedo (de) Udxiby Juany Juan was frightened Se asustó Juan Rdxiby be'cw Mari. The dog is afraid of Maria. El perro le tiene miedo de Maria 2 der. r-dxiby lo shut one's eyes (due to being startled); blink (cf: r-chiby /tʃììby/ frighten. )

r-dxiby lo /rr-dʒìíby lòò / v shut one's eyes (due to being startled); blink parpadear Udxiby lo Juany Juan shut his eyes Se asustó los ojos de Juan Rdxiby lo-eby. He blinks. El papardea. (sem. domains: idiomidiom, pairpair, (der. of r-dxiby be frightened; fear; be afraid (of))