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r-ay /àày / v wear (skirts, diapers, etc.) tener puesto (faldas, pañales) Nay Mari fald Maria is wearing a skirt. María tiene puesto una falda. Nay bdo zu'udy The baby is wearing a diaper. El bebé tiene puesto un pañal. [com. ù-dàày][pot. g-áày ](Related to: r-gway /gwàày/ put (a skirt, etc.) on (another person); cf: n-acw /áákw/ wear, r-acw /àʰkw/ wear (shirt, dress), r-be'cy /bè'ky / abandon; fight; lay (eggs), r-ca /káá/ hang , n-u'u /ù'ú/ exist; live have; cf: ri'ay/ go around (something). )

r-ay' /ày' / v be cooked; be baked cocerse; hornearse Git r-ay' le'en de. The pumpkin is baked in the ashes. La calabaza se coce adentro de las cenizas. (Related to: r-guy' /gùy'/ bake. )