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r-be'e /bè'é / v 1take (something) out of/off of (something); remove (something) from (something) sacar; pelar; quitar (ropa) Rbe'e Mari gixh lady pap. Maria peeled the potatoes. Maria removed the skin from the potatoes. Rbe'e Juany x-cutony-ni' Juan takes off his shirt. Juan quita su camisa. Ule'e Juany ni'-ni' le'en sapat. Juan took his foot out of the shoe. Juan sacó su pie del zapato. Ule'e dentist lay Mari The dentist pulled out Maria's tooth. El dentista le sacó el diente de Maria. 2say (the rosary) hacer (el rosario) Cabe'-rab rsary lo dyos. They are saying the rosary to the saint. Ellos están haciendo rosario al santo. 3win ganar Uca'z Juany ni-be'e loteri. Juan wanted to win the lottery. Juan quiso ganar la lotería. 4stick out (the chest) sacar (el pecho) Rbe'e Juany texh-ni'. Juan sticks out his chest. Juan saca su pecho. (var. irreg. infl. , cwe' will take out; will win ) [com. ù-lè'é][pot. cwé' ]r-be' xnez part (the hair of another person) , r-be' xnez part (the hair of another person) (cf: cwe' /kwé'/ will take out; will win . )

r-be'e xnez /bè'é+ʃnèèz / v part (the hair of another person) hacer (partidura en el cabello de otra persona) Ule'exnez Mariicy Luiz Maria parted Luisa's hair. María le hizo la partidura de Luisa. (r-be'e take out/off) (Related to: r-di' xnez /dìì'+ʃnèèz/. )