dxucdxùùəcadj1faltando un pedazo, deformado (de las partes del cuerpo)missing a piece, deformed (of body parts)dyàg rr-dxùùcan ear with a piece missing8.3.1Shape2.5.4.5Birth defect2.1.1.5Tooth2caries (de los dientes)cavity (in the teeth)Xté dxúúc chù'ú lòò làày=à'I don't have a cavity in my tooth. decayr-awdxucunspec. comp. formvhave a cavity (of a tooth)Ràw+dxúúc lààjy Màríí.Maria tiene caries.Maria's tooth has a cavity.Tyóóp lààjy Màríí cáy-àw+dxùùcMaria tiene dos caries.Two of Maria's teeth have cavities.
lay be'znmuelamolar2.1.1.5Tooth
lay bdo'ndiente de lecheprimary tooth2.1.1.5Tooth
lay ru' yu'ndiente incisivofront tooth, incisor2.1.1.5Tooth
r-di cavasomar, salircome out (from under something), come in (of teeth)Chì' r-dìì+cáà lààjy bdòò'When the baby's teeth come inUri ca eby ru' ventan.He came up at the window.