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r-gu che' /gù+tʃè' / v put (inside) meter Uluche' Len x-mel-ni' le'en x-pux-ni' Elena put her money in her purse. Elena metió su dinero en su bolsa (sem. domains: pairpair.) (r-gu' put; paint; perform) [com. ù-][pot. chú+chè' ](Related to: r-yu' che' /yù'+tʃè'/ be guarded. )

r-gid /gííd / v perforate; puncture perforar Udid-bi gi'ts He punctured the paper El perforó el papel. (sem. domains: pairpair.) [com. ù-dííd](cf: r-ad /áád/ be pierced; be punctured; have holes. )

r-gi'ily /gì'íly / v 1find; look for buscar Reypyba lo dadgi qui'ilba xhizi gac reyxhi'nyba She told the man to find something to do with his children Le dijo al señor que busque cómo hacer con los niños. 2Ca-gi'ily-reby rraxt. They are looking for the trail Están buscando la pista (sem. domains: pairpair.) [com. ù-dì'íly][pot. quí'ìly ](Related to: r-di'ily /dì'íly/ be searched for; cf: di'ily /dì'íly/ find (irreg. stem). )

r-gi'dy /gíí'dy / v be stuck, be sticky estar pegado, pegarse Rgi'dy-dis-ni na'. It sticks to my hand. Se pega en mi mano. (sem. domains: pairpair.) (Related to: r-qui'dy /kí'dy/ stick. )

r-ga /gàʰ / v 1be cut (hair); be shaved cortado (cabello); afeitado Rgaj icy Juany Juan's hair is cut Juan se corta el pelo Rgaj lo Juany Juan shaves. Juan se afeita. (sem. domains: pairpair, hair.) 2be cut (hair, nails, maguey) cortarse (pelo, uñas, maguey) Rgaicy Juany Juan had his hair cut. Juan se corta el pelo. ¿Tuicy uga? Whose hair was cut? ¿A quién se le cortó el pelo? Uga dob The maguey was cut. Se cortó el maguey. Uga bxhug Juany Juan cut his nails. Juan se cortó las uñas. 3shave afeitarse Rga lo Juany Juan shaves himself. Juan se afeita [com. ù-][pot. ì- or gì- ](Related to: r-gwa /gwàʰ/ cut (hair); shave. )

r-dxiby lo /rr-dʒìíby lòò / v shut one's eyes (due to being startled); blink parpadear Udxiby lo Juany Juan shut his eyes Se asustó los ojos de Juan Rdxiby lo-eby. He blinks. El papardea. (sem. domains: idiomidiom, pairpair, (der. of r-dxiby be frightened; fear; be afraid (of))

r-doby /dóʰby / v run out; give out; burn out; be used up acabarse Rdoby candel The candle burned out. Se acabó la vela. (sem. domains: pairpair.) (cf: r-sadoby /sàdòʰby/ use up; consume entirely; finish. )

r-di'ily /dì'íly / v be searched for buscarse Rdi'ily be'cw The dog is being searched for. Se busca el perro (sem. domains: pairpair.) (Related to: r-gi'ily /gì'íly/ find; look for. )

r-de'e /dè'é / v be rolled up; be picked up enrollarse; recogerse Rde'e cabl The cable is rolled up. El cable se enrolla. (sem. domains: pairpair.) (cf: r-te'e /tè'é/ pick up; gather; roll up. )

r-chiby /tʃììby / v frighten hacer que otro se asuste Uchiby galgu'ty na' The dead one frightened me Me asustó el muerto (sem. domains: pairpair.) (cf: r-dxiby /dʒìíby/ be frightened; fear; be afraid (of). )

r-ad /áád / v be pierced; be punctured; have holes perforarse Gud gie'ts cun lapy The paper was pierced with a pencil El papel se perforó con un lapiz. irate re-xcutony Juany nad-reny ge'ety. All Juan's shirts have holes Hay hoyos en todas las camisas de Juan Nad toby ge'dy xmedya. My socks have holes. Mis medias tienen hoyos. (sem. domains: pairpair.) [com. gùùd][pot. gáàd ](cf: r-gid /gííd/ perforate; puncture. )
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