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lo cwasp. var. oflocwaforehead
lobtoicy2irreg. infl. ofbto icy2crown (of the head)

manycfbedynbird; wild bird1.6.1.2BirdThis word is used for wild birds. Domesticated birds are called beyjdy
mbaly2sp. var. ofmbaly1person who is connected to you through the compadrazgo system

mbru'xhnchicatana ant1.6.1.7Insect
na-dxabadjugly, disgusting, badunspec. comp. formbe'cw dxabbe'cwbiny dxabdevilbiny
nààmbààlyunspec. comp. form ofnan1mbaly1nan1
nis2sp. var. ofnis1water
nna'nhandunspec. comp. formr-li'w napoint atr-li'w
r-ac binygulunspec. comp. form ofr-ac2bingulr-ac2get old
r-ca ... mamunspec. comp. form ofr-ca2carry (a baby) on the back
r-uny locunspec. comp. form ofr-unymake crazy, make high
r-ziRelated tor-yo'vbuy
ryu'irreg. infl. ofn-u'u1exist; live have
tindial. var. oftenso that, in order that in order that
ubado'unspec. comp. form ofuba'do'uba'fog