r-xoby /ʒoóiby / 1 v be twisted; be mismatched; be crooked estar torcido; estar disparejo; estar chueco Uxoby x-chamarr-a' My jacket got twisted. Mi chamarra se enchuecó. Xoby yag xhily The chair is crooked La silla está chueco. 2 adj^ crooked chueco Uzu xoby-a' yag. I made the pole crooked Yo puse el palo chueco. Beyn xoby-a' xchamar-a' I made my jacket crooked. Enchuequé mi chamarra. (sem. domains: pairpair, non-projnon-proj.) (xoby crooked) (Related to: r-xhoby /ʃóóby/ twist make (s.t.) crooked. )