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biucneagle (large variety)
biux1SLQZ byùuzhynmeat attached to fat on cooked chicharrones; small cooked pieces of pork in pork drippings
bixcalynfiscal (person in charge of the church for a year)
blaxh gunyerba santa

bldan1shadowbldàà xtèènyàmy shadow8.

bldag gi'enleaf of the sapote blanco1.5.1Tree1.5.5Parts of a plant
bliw'nblack sapote

bliw'black sapote

blyanMZ biliahnnharelepus callotis1.

bquixnpalm cape, formerly used as a kind of raincoat
bru'nynfruit of the nopal cactus

bru'nyfruit of the nopal cactus

bru'ny bya'relder. ofbia'relfruit of a cactus sp.

bru'xnsnake species1.

bsiMZ bisijneagle1.6.1.2Bird