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dambarqāpiدمبرقاپیdambarghaapi🔊n.eng Pesپله جلوی در ورودی خانه پله جلوی در ورودی خانه"dambarqāpi" is commonly used to refer to front-porch stepsواژه دمبرقاپی معمولاً برای پله های ایوان بکارمیرود5Daily life5.1Household equipment

gutگوتgutn.engblack tent made of wool used as temporary residence in summerPesخیمه5Daily life5.8Manage a house5.1Household equipment

kečāleکچالهkechaale🔊n.engfront of the table or room: at a table it is where unimportant poeple are seated; in a room it is where dishes and containers are keptPesسر میز یا هالAntonympashkalپشکلGenerickorsiکرسیVidekechaaleneshinکچاله نشین5Daily life5.1.1Furniture5.1Household equipment5.1.1.1Table

korsiکرسیkorsin.enga low table with a heater underneath and a blanket over it. It is an traditional setting used in Iranian culture for family gatherings and special events in the months of winterPesکرسیSpecifickechaaleکچالهpashkalپشکلvarkalورکل5Daily life5.1.1Furniture5.1Household equipment5.1.1.1Table