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chaaa sound (sem. domains: - Rain.)
chachɛ hit cloth (v) (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)
chachu wu ni manly (sem. domains: - Man.)
chakichaki rough (sem. domains: - Road.)
che rafia sponge (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
chee 1drag (sem. domains: 6.6.6 - Working with land.) 2drag (sem. domains: - Fish with net.) 3will (sem. domains: - Funeral, 3.1 - Soul, spirit.) 4drag (v) (P) (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 5inhale (v) (sem. domains: 5.2.4 - Tobacco.) 6drag (v) (sem. domains: - Ignore.) 7drag (v) (sem. domains: - Lumbering.) 8drag (v) (sem. domains: 1.3.3 - Wet.) 9pull (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down.) 10tension (rope) (v) (sem. domains: - Cordage.) 11draw (sem. domains: - Draw, paint.) 12draw (v) (sem. domains: - Plumber, 6.6.7 - Working with water, - Working in the sea.) 13take (sem. domains: - Conveying water.) 14pull (v) (sem. domains: - Working with electricity.) 15draw (sem. domains: 6.6.8 - Working with machines.)
chee mfiee draw in air (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)
chee yi withdraw (sem. domains: - Leave.)
chee yi ya liwe pull yourself up (sem. domains: - Move up.)
cheeki yi shift (sem. domains: 7.1.3 - Lie down.)
chemɛ sneeze (sem. domains: 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze.)
cheŋ sneeze (sem. domains: - Nose.)
chɛ look (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see.)
chɛɛ drag (v) (sem. domains: - Snake.)
chɛɛchɛ wound (a tree) (sem. domains: - Growing trees.)
chɛɛki limfwe shift ahead (sem. domains: - Move forward.)
chɛɛni fright (sem. domains: - Threaten.)
chɛɛŋ 1truth (sem. domains: - Tell the truth.) 2fact (sem. domains: - Information.)
chɛkere filter (sem. domains: - Alcohol preparation.)
chɛkɛ 1sieve (flour) (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.) 2sieve (wine) (sem. domains: - Growing fruit.) 3sieve (v) (sem. domains: 6.6.7 - Working with water.) 4sieve (v) (sem. domains: - Plumber.) 5filter (v) (sem. domains: 1.3.6 - Water quality.)
chɛnɛ fear (sem. domains: - Alert.)
chɛnisɛ frighten (v) (sem. domains: - Threaten.)
chɛŋ trust (sem. domains: - Trust.)
chi₁ 1lid (sem. domains: - Eye.) 2lid of a dish, pot (sem. domains: - Cooking utensil.)
chi₃ be low (v) (sem. domains: 6.9.5 - Economics.)