Sari is a language spoken in the Misaje Sub-Division, Donga-Mantung Division, North West Region of Cameroon, West Africa. Dieu and Renaud (1983) in the Atlas Linquistique du Cameroun (ALCAM) list the language as: Nsari [874]. The Ethnologue (Lewis 2015) has Sari as language name, and lists the following as alternate language names: Akweto, Nsari, Pesaa, Saari, Sali (ISO 639-3 language code: asj).

The language is spoken by the Besaa people, who live predominately in Akweto, Kamine, and Mbissa. There are approximately 7,600 (Lewis, 2015) speakers of the language, although the exact number is unknown as there are reportedly sizable clusters of people living outside the area, particularly in the Southwest Region.

There are some variations in the Sari language. At this moment the database contains words in both variations, and the spelling has not yet been fully standardized. This means that some words occur with a long and with a short vowel, and other words with a nd and an nt sequence, an nj and nch sequence, or a ŋg and ŋk sequence.

This is the first attempt to compile a bilingual dictionary for the Sari language. More than 7,000 words and phrases were collected by ca. 40 speakers of the language in the first week of a Rapid Word Collection workshop. All of those words were glossed, and most were typed in that same week. Cleanup still needs to be done. In November the second part of this workshop will take place. After that an existing word list of 2,000 words will be merged with this glossary.

There is still much work to do, but since we would like to give a foretaste of the glossary we decided to publish this work-in-progress, in order to document the work we have done so far. The first update will probably be in 2016.