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anyïmcolored brown2.1.4Skin
ányingleafy vegetable6.2.1.3Growing vegetables
ányinyøsmall ant1.6.1.7Insect
anyøddømany children2.6.3.8Fertile, infertile
anyööd ányödø1a women who just given birth2.6.3.5Help to give birth2na woman who has given birth6Work and occupation
anywandagfilter6. tobacco
anywøjtype of edible grass5. from leaves
anywøjjcreeping plant6.2.1.3Growing vegetables
anywømmarried woman2.6.1Marriage
aøløcough2.5.5Cause of disease
apäärspark off5.5.1Light a fire
apädnUntied person4.4.4.6Free from bondage
apädhgrass used for making fences1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
apädh-pinydelivery2.6.3.5Help to give birth
apädhi kejeexact answer3.
Apädhi kejeTo the point, exact8. time
apädhi yïj buurfall into a pit6.4.2Trap
apägnew land used for cultivation6.2.1.1Growing grain
apagø1raging water1.3.2.5Calm, rough2wave1.3.2.4Wave
ápajø1sweet water grass6.3.1.1Cattle2type of water plant1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
apämleaves of hegleg tree6.2.1.3Growing vegetables
àpämlalob leaf5. from leaves
ápedøn1a tree with bad smell1.5.1Tree1.5.2Bush, shrub2squirrel1.
apetinuser of a drug5.2.5Narcotic
Apïdh malvBe came tall and slim8.2.2.2Tall