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adengø1ntall grass with corn-like seeds6.3.1.1Cattle2grass eaten by cows1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
aderøn1lifting tool6.7.4Lifting tool2ass, donkey6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.7Beast of burden
adhädhnglass bottle2.3.1.9Something used to see2.3.1.7Reflect, mirror6.7.7Container
adhägnclass of yam5. from roots
ádhägønroot plant eaten by children6.2.1.3Growing vegetables
ádhal yi pädhi pinyhard delivery2.6.3.6Unusual birth
adhëgnAnthreptes pallidigaster1.6.1.2Bird
adhïdhegnA kind of armor made of metal4.4.4.5Protect
adhim adhïm ádhimn1mattock (Arabic loan)6.2.8Agricultural tool6.7.1.2Digging tool2digging hoe6.6.6Working with land
adhødhø adhøthøn1wild red fruit5. from fruit2red fruit found in forest6. grapes
adhøkwernPlatalea alba1.6.1.2Bird
adhur yëbntip end of the tail6.3.1.1Cattle
adhwäng1generous4. hospitality3., name of honor
adiadvhow much?
adid (arabic)nmetal6.6.2.3Working with metal
adijnparty drink5.2.3.4Prepared food
adïm kïjsucking mouth1.6.2.4Parts of an insect
adingøncatfish with electric5.2.3.2Food from animals
adïngøn1centipede1.6.1.8Spider2electric fish1.6.1.5Fish
adiyänmany girls2.6.5.2Woman
àdög adögøn1first milk5. products2colostrum6.3.3Milk
adökyelncloth worn by people within their locality6.6.1.1Cloth
adøl ádøløn1small fish with skin5.2.3.2Food from animals2small scaley fish1.6.1.5Fish
ádudnuntrue, talking in circles, evading the issue with the hope of deceiving3.5.8.3Unintelligible